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About small massager

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——-About Small Massager——-

It is easy to open a business of vibrating massagers, but it is hard to keep it running.

The business we are dealing with since March 2004 is almost everyone needs: massager and vibrator.

The satisfied giant retailers and brand manufacturers have been working with us for over a decade happily.

Every day our team is working hard around the clock for more decades and making customers smile broader.

——-What we pursue——-

While most companies are busy making fancy-looking massagers in order to make a high price, our owner, Mr. Xing, with 20 years in the health care industry, has always invested to fulfill most end-users’ underlying quest for practical, user-friendly massagers.

Yes, we don’t jump on the bandwagon from our beginning in 2004.

——-Where are we?——-

Located at the 3rd biggest city by GDP in China and neighbor of Hong Kong: Shenzhen

The coastal location gives us an advantage for both air and sea shipment:

Only 10 miles (16KM) to the cargo airport;

19 miles (31KM) to the 3rd biggest harbor Yantian in the world, and 16 miles(26KM) to the other 2 harbors in Shenzhen.

——-Why us——-

– Since March 2004, give us time tested reputation for reliability

– We are always here when you need us.

The average response time to customers’ emails is less than 12 hours

– Proactivity

We get you covered from the first inquiry email to samples, production, shipment, and delivery to your warehouse.

– We receive re-orders per season, bi-monthly, and per month, the longest customers have been working with us for over a decade.

Inevitably, our massagers are highly sought-after, especially by experienced players who are fed up with fancy-looking and impractical ones.

-Good product speaks for itself and it’s always the idea that values.

We believe men and women deserve good health and a smile every day.

We will empower everyone through small massager, and bring Big Pleasure to them!

Stay healthy!