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Mini massager

Chinese red envelope

Holiday in China of 2023

The golden week just past in China, also called Chinese national holiday, was from Oct. 01~07. It drove customers mad because they couldn’t get reply during this period. Customers complain that there’re so many holidays in China, just as much as strikes in France! How… Read More »Holiday in China of 2023

body massager

Beware of email scams

It seems many people dealing with foreign trade business inboxes are flooded with phishing emails in recent years, including Tom’s, working in the rechargeable massager industry for over 20 years, he never had such an awful experience before. Aug. 02 Tom sent PI of scar… Read More »Beware of email scams

body massager

Double Facial Roller indulges her

After getting this Y shape face massager, Alice often uses it on face masks and make-up to help relieve facial tension. When holding it just below and in front of her ear, the facial massage roller can “scratch” ear itches.

hand held massager

You need a body massager

During his 20 years working career as a therapist, Jim has helped countless patients via body massager.

Massage used to be available only in luxury spas and upscale health clubs.

scar massage

How could therapeutic massager help

They say variety is the spice of life.
Since 8 in 1 mini massager was released on the market, specific pressure points massage has become a smorgasbord of personal massager.