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How could therapeutic massager help

scar massage

They say variety is the spice of life.

Since 8 in 1 mini massager was released on the market, specific pressure points massage has become a smorgasbord of personal massager.

Who is 8 in 1 mini massager

This personal massager is conveniently compact and includes 8 massage heads suitable for applications such as scar massage, desensitization, and muscle stimulation.

The look of mini massage tool

mini vibrator
plusone vibrating mini massager 3.52oz

* Small (fit palm perfectly), compact size for convenient storage and portability

* Includes 8 massage therapy tools to suit treatment area and application, provides precise therapy for unique requirements

* The mini vibrator provides versatile, effective massage therapy for a variety of applications: efficacious relief, softening, and desensitization for a wide range of different scar tissues.

* The mini vibe offers quiet operation to prevent the drawing of unwanted attention

* Ergonomic: fits comfortably in the palm of your hand

* Can be used at home, or in professional therapy practices for comprehensive scar management

Magic massager features

scar massage
c section scar massage

*Small handheld massager but powerful that can be used for a variety of applications, including:

Soft tissue issues,

scar massage,


muscle stimulation,

oral stimulation,

pain management,

and sensory re-education;

* Multi speed vibrator: 3 speeds: low, medium, high with strong vibration

* Flatten scar tissue and stimulate healing with this personal vibator

* The versatile massage therapy is applied to targeted locations via the wide, flat cap or one of the 8 included massage heads;

* The 8 different massage heads are included, allowing the user to customize massage and relief options.

* A flat broad head, smaller rounded head, and precise pointed head all ensure therapy is tagged directly to the afflicted area for optional effectiveness.

* The compact size makes it easy to store and convenient to take anywhere;

* Bring back nerve health

* Relax muscles and tendons

* Providing a soothing and comfortable vibrating massage that works well on hands, feet, arms, neck, knees, calf, legs, and more.

* The small size is a discrete answer to on-the-go therapy.

* The small massager works with 2 AAA batteries (not included)

* This vibrating massage tool is CE, RoHS, Reach approved

How to use

scar vibration tool
best mini massager for scar tissue

  1. Rub the Vitamin E oil or Vaseline or cream on the hands to give it moisture.
  2. Choose a massage head, and then press the button ON and place it on the specific area to enjoy the gentle vibrations.
  3. Massage with the tool’s round head relatively hard.
  4. Apply a good deal of pressure on the palms of the hands and it still vibrates.
  5. Use the tool with the cover on to apply pressure on the sensitive spots.
  6. The cover should sit hermetically, and stay on firmly.
  7. Don’t press too hard for massage or light rubbing.
  8. Use it for 50-60 seconds for each session.

Happily ever after

The therapy tools have been so helpful and perfect for scar therapy when used by OT.

The immediate effect is soothing and stiffness reduction, the long term is scar softening.

The amount of vibration is strong enough to be effective but not too strong to be painful.

8 in 1 Mini massager opened the world as tools for therapists!