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Poor massager Suppliers Performance

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vibrating massager

Cindy thought she got older 5 years after taking charge of Mini massager buying manager for less than a year, her Chinese electric massager vendors were driving her mad with all sorts of problems.

Such as:


She’d love to get 1% spare samples of each order, a few vendors only offer 1‰ and a pile of nonsense to explain how his body massagers are good and high cost.etc.;

*Promise is lie

The promised 24/7 service from some body massager factories is bullshit, 48 hours’ reply is the promptest response!

*Talk to a wall

And often she asks for A, the bullet massager vendors answers B…

e.g her question: “how many pcs batteries do this bullet vibe work with?”

The massager vendor would reply: “AAA batteries”;

*No contact information

She got an approved sample of handheld massager from her team. But couldn’t find the vendor’s contact information when she’s about to place an order, there’s no sample tag on the sample!

After she took one hour to find the handheld massager factory’s email, found there was no phone number there;

*Defective in a row

The hitachi massager’s gift box still couldn’t meet her needs after issuing 3 times samples from the so-called experienced massager plant;

*Change rules without permission

-Magic massager factory’s rule changed from 2% spare samples to nothing after working for 2 years;

-Increase price without pre-notice until she places a new PO of massage peanut. If she asks for a reason, she’d get a couple of pages of excuses;

*Ignore details

-PO showed no mixed packing for different massage vibrators, but it turned out to be all mixed after the goods were delivered to their warehouse, all staff were relocated to distinguish the vibrating massager for a whole week;

-Barcode on the theraputic massager gift box is not readable by a scanner; She has to arrange re-sticking in the warehouse.

*Unexpected trouble

*Protruding shrink wrap of mini vibe jams in customers’ vending machines;

*She ordered clear color, the vendor shipped mini wand in light blue and explained it’s chromatic aberration, not a mistake production;

*Chromatic aberration on multi speed vibrator and packaging becomes more often than ever;

*Delay & Mess

*Delay shipment becomes common sense, one week, two weeks, she even got 3 months delay shipment and the personal massager plant even didn’t say sorry!;

*When she asks for compensation, the portable massager vendor never answers her again email and disappeared like shadows in the dark;

*Production of rechargeable massager is not finished, payment emails come in advance;

Cindy is often fidgety in her work, and sometimes quakes with rage with these problems and worries if there are new problems popping up next.

Her vibrating massager suppliers are like millstones, she has to push them to move forward most time…

“Does the galloping horse supplier exist?” she wondered…