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facial massage rollerfacial massage roller

Ethetic Roller

*Esthetic Roller for whole body.
*3D tapping which reflected the treatment by estheticians, and 3 step vibration function are added to the conventional Esthetic Roller.
*The outer surface is made by silicone, and you can feel gentle texture and comfortable stimulation with the roller.
*Power supply: 3 AAA alkaline batteries.
*Batteries are not included in the product, so prepare 3 pcs to operate it.

*Size: 18×3.1cm

*Net weight: 145g

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Introducing a roller with a vibration function allows you to easily perform beauty salon level care in your own home! The highest level of beauty roller that tones your whole body through vibrations!
With its vibration function, you can more powerfully and effectively increase lymph & accumulated waste matter flowing power by rolling it. Three vibration levels allow you to care for different places such as the face and various areas of the body!

Vibration function:
The vibration function of the conventional esther roller is added.
The power to flow lymph and accumulated waste products is more powerful & effective.
You can enjoy comfortable vibrations that are likely to become habitable.

Three-step adjustment:
With the function to change the intensity of vibration according to the place rolling.
It is possible to use strong and weak by face and body.
3D tapping:
Represent the esthetician’s technique, knob sink.
It is effective to promote blood circulation by squeezing the part which is anxious just by rolling the roller.
Waterproof function:
Life waterproof IPX 4 clear.
You can use it safely also for splashing water and so on.
Since it is not completely waterproof, avoid using it in the bathtub, etc.
Easy operation:
No complicated operation at all.
You can use it with only two power buttons and vibration control buttons.

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