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rechargeable mini vibratorrechargeable mini vibrator

Mini Massager 8 in 1

8 in 1 Mini massager

*Low, Mid, High 3 speeds

Low: 9500rpm, 280mAh

Mid: 12400rpm, 340mAh

High: 14400rpm, 420V

*Powerful motor: 130

*Voltage: 3V (2pcs AAA)

*Including 8 head attachments of special areas

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Did you have questions like:

How to massage scar tissue to break it down?

How to massage a scar after surgery?

When to start scar massage?


Small massager get you covered!


*Designed in Germany

*Born in June 2022

*Assembled in Shenzhen China

*Power: 2 AAA (not included)

*Material: plastic


Body size: 35.1×30.2×132.5mm  1.3×1.2×5.2’’

Body weight: 75.5g (2.6oz)

8 attachments weight: 25.6g (0.9oz)

  • Quality and convenience, in a portable vibrator.
  • Ideal for scar massage, desensitization, scar tissue massage, muscle stimulation, oral stimulation, and sensory re-education.
  • Three natural heads massage small muscle areas.
  • Select the ball, spot or flat disc attachment most appropriate for the area being massaged.
  • The cap massages broader muscle areas.
  • Compact size for convenient, discrete portability
  • Provides versatile, effective massage therapy
  • This 5.2″ (13.2cm) long, 2.6oz.(75g) vibrator easily fits in a briefcase or other types of baggage for travel.
  • Excellent for home use.
  • Made with plastic ABS material.

-The Point-Relief Mini-Massager (8 in 1) is a small but powerful mini scar massager that provides versatile massage therapy to targeted locations. A conveniently compact answer for on-the-go pain relief

-8 massage heads ranging from broad to directly targeted offer multiple massage options for each individual to get the best possible pain relief.

-The gentle 3-speed vibrations soothe pain and tension away.

-Use to break down scar tissue after surgery, reduce your scar’s appearance, and reduce pain

-This scar vibration tool is also useful in relieving the hypersensitivity that is associated with nerve injuries in the hand.

-The compact size makes the vibrating massager for scar tissue convenient to take along anywhere; the mini-massager can fit easily fit in a purse or pocket, and is a discrete answer to on-the-go pain relief.



1,000 units


Dark blue or customized

therapeutic massager