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Peanut massage ball

A multi-functional device that can be used anywhere like fitness center, home, rehabilitation center, etc., can be used to help you relax your muscles, stretch to achieve balance and muscle training.High quality and practical peanut appearance.

Curved design is more reasonable fits the human body structure, allowing you to feel a comfortable massage experience and muscle relaxation.

Small & Smart &Practical -Help yoga practitioners adjust their posture and assist in stretching.

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Vibrating massage balls are used to target and massage hard-to-reach muscles and help relieve sore muscles.

Vibration intensity is adjustable -Three gears adjust the vibration to meet your different massage needs.

If you work out regularly, you most likely deal with muscle soreness and muscle knots too often, which can limit your workout.

It could also be your regular sitting position causing you severe back and neck pain. Regardless of the cause of the pain, a vibrating massage ball can help relieve this muscle soreness, as research shows how massage impacts performance, muscle recovery, and injury prevention.

You can use this massage ball for localized vibration therapy in the comfort of your home, on the road, or wherever you wish at your convenience and don’t always have to go to a masseuse.
Safe and Reliable Design and Material: Soft silicone skin and acupressure nodules, allows the massage ball with more comfort and durable. It’s secret weapon for chronic pain conditions like fibromyalgia – neuropathy – sciatica – nerve pain. You can take your battery-operated Vibration Peanut Roller on the road – the office – even the couch

Multiple Vibration Modes for You to Choose: Our massager ball provides 3 Modes, light, medium, and high. Press the power button to switch between each mode. Find the optimum one mode, for effective localized pin-point deep tissue massage to your fascia or muscles or ligaments or tendons. When you are done, quickly turn the device off by holding the button down for 2 seconds

Ultra-fast Rechargeable Battery: Ultra-fast charge 180 minutes, from empty to full electricity. Features 10-minute auto shut-off with LED indicators, long battery life and strong impetus. So can provide effective localized pin-point deep tissue massage to you by the professional grade 4-speed motor

Kiss Sore Aching Muscles Goodbye: Using cutting-edge technology with high-intensity vibration our Massage Ball Roller melts away nagging muscle pain or tension. Take your fitness or pain recovery to the next level with the handheld device fitness experts are calling the most effective hand-held portable massaging tool available.

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