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The secret on the container door

A body massager maker is about to load a big container of handheld massagers, with gross weight of 27 tons, the 40’HQ container was booked by a trader.

When the container arrived at electric massager factory, the driver told the factory that the container is a general product container with weight limit of 26 tons. Cargo is overweighted, the harbor wouldn’t collect it.

The rechargeable massager factory contacted the trader, who was confused too. Later they got to know the driver and the other massager maker mis-picked each other’s container.

He has to go back to the harbor to exchange the container.

The dildo maker, although already in electric massager production for 6 years, was not aware the weight limit is already shown on the door of container until this experience!

1st container 2nd container of hand held massagers

20’GP, shown on the container door as 22G1

Weight limit of cargo = 28,300.00 KGS (30,480.00 KGS – container weight 2,180.00 KGS)

40’GP, shown as 42G1

GVC: Weight limit of cargo = 26,690.00 KGS (30,480.00 KGS – container weight 3,790.00 KGS)

40’HQ: shown as 45G1

ZIM: Weight limit of cargo = 28,610.00 KGS (32,500.00 KGS – container weight 3,890.00 KGS)

EverGreen: Weight limit of cargo = 28,600.00 KGS (32,500.00 KGS – container weight 3,900.00 KGS)

45’HQ  = L5G1

Volume of 45’HQ is 86CBM, 10CBM more space than 40’HQ, it means you might stuff 50 cases of more fitness balls, but it doesn’t mean the weight limit is higher than 40’HQ.

E.g. this 45’HQ from FSCU:

Weight limit of cargo = 27,750.00 KGS (32,500.00 KGS – container weight 4,750.00 KGS)

To recap: Container type, internal dimension (L x W x H cm), CBM, cargo weight limit

20’GP = 22G1, 589x235x239cm, 33.1CBM, 28,300.00KGS

40’GP = 42G1, 1203x235x239cm, 67.6CBM, 26,690.00KGS

40’HQ = 45G1, 1203x235x269cm, 76.4CBM, 28,610.00KGS

45’HQ = L5G1, 1355x235x269cm, 86CBM, 27,750.00KGS

It’s better to double check with your forwarder about the weight limit and internal dimension before loading your hand held massager container, different shipping company weight limit varies.