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When our massager customer’s client contacted us

hand held massager

Jason, as a therapist tools’ importer, got tired of his Chinese vendors stealing clients from him after he led them to those sex toy vendors’ factories, not only once, or twice… not only one therapy massager supplier but a few vendors….

massager hand held
massage small

That was his experience before he started working with Small Massager.

Till 2022, we have worked with Jason for 6 years on therapy tools.

As a middleman, he often emailed us his vibrating massager customers’ addresses to have us courier ultimate massager samples to his customer directly. Of course, we’d hide our information on the PI of the parcel.

From time to time, we got emails from rehab massage trader, small massager distributor, or scar massager wholesaler, or white label small massager dealers that he was ordering from Jason before, and hope to work with us directly on private label massagers in the future.

Guess: what would we do next?

Do you think we’d ditch Jason and embrace the new customer? You are totally wrong!

body massager
body massagers for sale

Then we’d let Jason know that his customer contacted us, how could we deal with it?

Sometimes he’d give us solutions to follow, it’s like: we already work with Jason, please order from him directly.

The other time, When Y contacted us for customized rechargeable vibrator, we told Jason the news as usual.

After talking with Y, Jason told us that Y is a demanding customer, and he couldn’t meet his requirement of high-end portable massagers development at the moment, we can produce for Y directly.

After working with Y, he made comments: you are a reliable partner, I wish you’d protect me like what you do to protect Jason, not pitch personal massager to my competitors and customers.

peanut massage ball
peanut massager

Now, both Jason and Y are keeping valuable and great business relationships and friendships with Small massager.

For Small Massager:

Customer development is endless, and business is infinite, we will not cross the red line for benefit.

Business ethics are gems for us to keep running!